Viewing the Future Picture at ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Along with the development of technology, the museum was innovating so increasingly interesting. At ArtScience Museum, Singapore, the traveller can see the picture of the future. You can get a singapore attractions ticket wholesaler with an affordable price by visiting our website. Find different types of attraction ticket.

What happens when art is combined with increasingly advanced technology? The answer you can see on Future World is at ArtScience Museum, Singapore. This new, modern-style museum located in the Marina Bay Sands area will change your perception of an ancient and dull museum. Before entering Future World, the tourist will first be given a guidebook and rules that must be obeyed by the museum guard. One of them is you are allowed to take pictures but without using flash because it is considered disturbing comfort.

Not without reason. Entering the museum room, the traveller will be faced with a room with minimal lighting. It turns out that the condition is deliberately created to maximise the installation of art that combined with hologram technology is very modern.