Therapy for Treatment of Drug Addiction

Treating drug addiction is not an easy matter. Because of the weight, addicts can even come back again entangled drugs despite already undergoing therapy. Various therapies are also offered to eliminate the habit of consuming these addictive items. If it really wants to heal, addicts must first strengthen their resolve and of course, leave the old environment. But sometimes strong determination alone is not enough to be free from drug trap. Most addicts need the help of therapy to eliminate the effects of drugs that have already damaged the system in his brain. People generally recognize rehabilitation as a treatment for drug addiction treatment. Sometimes entering rehab can actually bring bad impact for addicts, especially those who use drugs only as social users (for social reasons). Therefore, presented a new method used by the therapist, ibogaine treatment.

Some people do not know what is ibogaine treatment; Namely the treatment of narcotic addicts with iboga plants; Spending a few days online research methods finally came roots of the plant known as Tabernanthe Iboga. The drug is derived from the iboga plant from Africa, ibogaine is a hallucinogenic drug. More recently, this drug shows an opportunity to be used to treat addictions in the Mexican and European regions, where the use of ibogaine drugs is not prohibited for medicinal purposes.