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Ice Cream as a Substitute for Milk

All children would love to eat ice cream. Sometimes children even prefer to have a cup of ice cream instead of the main menu. It could be because of its sweet taste, and its aroma.

Ice cream is a healthy menu but still, it should not be consumed excessively. As long as ice cream is consumed reasonably, there will be no bad results but benefits that you will get as ice cream is made of ingredients that are good for the health, including milk.

For children who are underweight, ice cream, as long as it does not dominate the total daily calories, is still considered not to disturb the balance of quantity and nutritional quality of children. As long as the child is still appetizing the three main meals daily, the extra intake of ice cream will add more intake of beneficial nutrition to their body. For example, after eating, as the parent, you can give your child a cup of McDonald sundae ice cream that you can get at a regular Mcdonalds Sundae Price to give your child extra nutrition in the form of food that they will love.

Other than that, there are a few children who are unwilling to drink milk for several reasons. This difficulty often brings a dead end condition to the parent. Milk can be substituted in the form of ice cream as one of the tactics so that children do not lack milk intake. Ice cream can act as a temporary replacement when the child is not willing to drink milk so that your children will not lack calcium that is needed to build the foundation of their bones.

It is, indeed, important for your child to consume an adequate amount of milk as the quality of the bone is determined by how well the bone foundation is built during childhood. At least the bone foundation has been completed until the age of 12 years, and there is no second chance. An imperfect foundation of the bone later will make your child be at risk of osteoporosis. So, the role of ice cream will be the one to help you provide adequate calcium for your child.